Premium Hygienic Cladding Cartridge adhesive Box(12)

£85.00 £60.00 +vat


  • “SPECIALIST” hybrid hygienic cladding adhesive BOX (12 Cartridges)
  • This Adhesive is applied with a standard silicone gun
  • HIGH strength SOLVENT FREE with excellent initial grab
  • Flexible elastic rubber – movement accommodation up to 25%
  • Bonds to wet/damp conditions. OUR BEST SELLING ADHESIVE


Directions of Use – All surfaces must be clean and dry prior to adhesive application; furthermore all surfaces must me permable to provide a key for the adhesive. Apply adhesive in vertical & horizontal stripes appox 100-200mm distance in between.

We recommend 1-3 tube per sheet depending on the surface.


*Normal selling price £84 per BOX(12 Cartridges)

Cladding Centre “ONLINE WEB” Price ONLY £60 per BOX(12 Cartridges)

Buy a Box(12) and save £24



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